Our Vision

Our vision is a balanced ratio of women and men in all functions of a company. We are actively working towards this goal. We provide services that bring tangible benefits in achieving this goal and actively participate in social discourse.

Our Mission

Our contribution with Femsearch is to offer a concrete hand in filling positions with women. We look for qualified women and find them - because they exist. We make it possible. By focusing on women, we are credible and consistent. We are constantly expanding our know-how on gender issues and thus continue to develop our relationship with our target group. 

Our Values

We are convinced that women and men are equally competent. We are convinced that there are just as many qualified women as men. We are committed to equal rights and actually take women seriously. For us, this also means that we pick up women by the reality of their lives and do not expect them to behave like men. We are convinced that we can successfully implement equality if our concrete actions are geared towards it.  Equality is an integral part of our service - not merely a secondary condition. We stand for a concrete approach and a service that moves you forward.

Our history

The idea for Femsearch and its implementation is a long process. Born out of personal conviction on the one hand and concrete customer needs on the other, we have focused our know-how in the search and selection of employees in order to offer an effective solution to a highly relevant issue.

Your contact


We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your concerns with you.

Damaris Meier