We find women for your leadership positions

With us you get practical support on gender management to move forward in a concrete way.
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Do you want women for your leadership positions?

You have the ambition to increase the share of women in your leadership functions. Or they have the concrete mandate to do so. You need to find competent women. You have all heard the reasons why this is not possible. We help you to successfully solve this task - we find suitable female candidates for you.

"These women do not exist."

Yes, these women do exist. They just often aren't found. Approaches and "tried and true" search of headhunters is the longer the less successful. Gender bias and conservative assessments contribute to this. Searching and finding can be done differently. We know how.

"Women do not want to."

Yes, there are enough women who want to take on responsibility. This is expressed differently in their behavior and self-image than in the classic manager type. We recognize ability and potential and motivate the suitable women to take the next step.

"Women are complicated."

Women have their realities in life. Diversity thrives on different backgrounds of experience and includes confrontation in the best sense of the word. Taking different perspectives, working out mutual understanding and finding solutions is work - and valuable. We help with this.

our offer

Without ifs and buts.

Filling a position with a woman is not a coincidental result for us - but a core task and goal.  Femsearch focuses exclusively on the search and selection of women. Without ifs and buts.

Search request

Do you want to fill a key position with a woman in any case? Then your search assignment to us is the right solution. We combine expertise in professional search with a vital, well-tended network of qualified women. As a result, you will receive a valid selection of highly suitable female candidates for your position.

Complementary candidatures

Would you like to have more qualified women in a vacancy selection process in order to maintain a good balance? If the previous search activities are not yet satisfactory with regard to gender, we will support you. We will gladly work out valid proposals for you, so that you have a well-rounded selection.

Selection process

We are happy to advise you on personnel selection: Use of valid instruments, design of the selection process and training of those involved. Objective selection procedures are not a foreign word for us, but a scientific obligation. For us, the consideration of gender bias is therefore a matter of course.


our way of working

That is why we are the right partners for you.

We have many years of expertise in the search and selection of executives. We have known the Swiss job market for over 20 years and are rooted in Switzerland. Due to our clear focus, we are constantly and intensively developing our network and knowledge regarding our target group. We maintain an exchange with female experts and on platforms concerning the topic of equality.  We have specialized in the search for qualified women and have developed our own approach. It ensures that we find suitable, competent women and that you can talk to them. The goal and result of our work is to fill the position with a woman.
Perspective is what counts


Women move differently in the job market than men. Qualified women are identified differently than men. We take a specific approach. This enables us to ensure that we do not overlook the interesting female candidates for you

The effect is what counts


Establishing contact and creating a basis of trust for a meaningful conversation has its own rules. We shape communication and interaction in a considerate and appreciative way.

It all depends on the scale


Objectivity, validity and reliability are a matter of course for us. We orient ourselves on relevant competencies. What counts is what is actually present - and not simply attributed.

We look forward to working with you!

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